Our Heritage

Abu Dhabi National Hotels has been operating since 1978. We are one of the longest established local hospitality and tourism companies in the Emirates and Middle East. Our rich heritage and history gives us a strong foundation. After a period of consolidation, the Company is now launching new growth initiatives.

Our Future

It is our goal that ADNH will lead the development and diversification of Abu Dhabi’s tourism industry by retaining well trained and highly motivated employees, providing top quality services, achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction, and becoming a partner of choice for international operators.

Steps for Success

Steps to Success
Our first objective is to create a supportive working environment, where all our staff are motivated, enthusiastic, and well-trained This enables us to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers who will, as a result, return to our businesses repeatedly and encourage others to visit us. This level of customer loyalty will create the financial results that will satisfy our owners.

Your Future

In ADNH businesses, we are committed to ‘excellence’ in everything we do. From ‘heart of the house’ jobs such as pot washing and room cleaning, to ‘front-of-the-house’ jobs such as waiting and sales, ALL employees play a vitally important role in delighting our customers. You are encouraged to see learning and development as a never-ending process of personal improvement and you will receive our support so that you may build a successful career with us and meet your personal goals.

The Attributes of Successful ADNH Employees

Colleagues in supervisory, management, leadership and specialist roles who succeed with ADNH are those who possess and/or develop the following competencies. We use these competencies in our selection and development processes.

ADNH Leadership Ladder

Emirati Applicants

We welcome Emirati applicants, as a first priority, to pioneer careers in the hospitality industry; to be Ambassadors for your country; and Role Models for future generations.

Ours is the world’s fastest growing industry and will contribute to a growing share of the UAE and global economy in the years ahead. Hospitality and Tourism businesses are exciting, fast-paced, people-oriented environments, where the traditional hospitality of the UAE is extended to visitors and residents alike. It is hard work, but the personal satisfaction of a job well done, sending away delighted customers who will spread the good word, is highly motivating.

It is possible to build a successful career by ‘starting at the bottom’ and doing the jobs that you may one day supervise. You can become a General Manager in a large international hotel in 15 years after finishing college. Sounds like a long time? Perhaps, but it is not; living the journey to get there is enriching in itself.

Equal opportunity

Equal Opportunities
We value diversity and welcome applications from across the world. ADNH is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Qualified applicants are considered for employment regardless of age, sex, race, national origin, color, religion or disability.

Schools and Colleges

Promoting tourism and hospitality to young people as an employment choice is something that we at ADNH are passionate about. Creating awareness about the realities of working in our environment and dispelling misunderstanding is necessary to ensure future generations seize opportunities. If we can assist you, in this way, do contact us.

Under Development

Our Company is experiencing rapid change and development which will be reflected in updates and additions to our web pages. Do visit us regularly.

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