In January 2001 ADNH took the innovative step of creating a joint venture with the renowned International Company - Compass Group PLC to operate the organization’s catering interests in the Middle East. This development brings together the strong local experience of ADNH, coupled with the global expertise and best practice of Compass Group; the worlds’ largest and most successful catering and support services company.

An Appetite for excellence ADNH Compass provides catering services to all manner of customers, from construction workers working on infrastructure projects to captains of industry in company boardrooms, and it is our mission to ensure that we provide, nutritious, well presented and attractive food in every location. Every day, our catering teams serve over 150,000 meals and snacks and always succeed in matching quantity with quality. The outstanding menus we offer make a measurable difference to the well-being of the people who work for you – wherever they work.

With an uncompromising focus on maintaining the highest hygiene standards, our catering teams display a consistent commitment to world-class quality and service, using the best ingredients at the most competitive price. We cater for employees working across a wide range of sectors and tailor our menus according to their needs and their work. Our occupational health teams and in-house nutritionist ensure that the food we serve them is always healthy, well presented and appropriate to their nationality, culture and workstyle.

Through our reachback to Compass Group we also have access to international tried and tested concepts and brands which we can use to provide best value for you and your staff by maximising catering sales thereby driving down cost and increasing customer satisfaction.


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