The Village Life advantage Our pioneering Village Life concept is a flexible integrated services package that symbolises the respect for people that lies at the heart of our business. We recognize that clients are looking for maximum productivity from their workforce.

Village Life allows our clients to select some, or all, of a range of services, which are then delivered to the highest quality standards. While the model is simple, it demonstrates our strength of talent for innovation, and its benefits are multiple.

Implementation involves working closely with you to transform your labour camps into safe, healthy and vibrant village communities where your people feel valued, motivated and productive.

Our aim to ensure that your staff arrive at work with a smile on their face, safe in the knowledge that they are living in a safe, clean, well maintained environment. The advantages work both ways. Giving people the best possible quality of life enables you to attract and retain the high-calibre talent your business needs. Treating your staff well also minimises the risk of disruption and penalties while enhancing your brand and reputation. Your choice, our expertise.

Village Life is just one example of the integrated service packages we offer. Depending on your needs, you can customise your service package by including any of the following options:

Village Management
Reception and Room Allocation
Facilities & Equipment Maintenance
Catering Services
Recreational Services
Convenience Store
Pest Control
Landscape & Gardening Services


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